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Development Pillars

  • Passionate and competitive
  • Total player development (experienced development team)
  • Progression/regression development models 
  • Leadership, values and mindset 
  • Long term athlete development and community impact 

2021-2022 Improvements

  • Development team with high level coaching experience 
  • Player + Parents Meetings with Development Team (ensure communication lines are open on development and what needs improved/worked on)
  • Educational development seminars for all SCS families 
  • State of the art training facility (check out the sports complex tab on our website for new features as we open in August 2021)
  • All youth teams will follow the Select model outline for the 2022 season (only 22-24 players will be selected per age group for 2 teams)
  • High school program will be made up Varsity and JV teams at each age group (only 24 position players selected plus pitchers)
  • Partnership with breakthrough performance consulting (sports psychology)
  • Partnership with D1 Training 

SCS Vision

Redefining Success : Transforming Leadership

Organization Goals

  • Total player development
  • Competitive training environment
  • Educate and assist with the college recruiting process
  • Implement leadership and values 
  • Positively impact players and community 

Organization Highlights

  • Experienced player development team
  • Diesel Sports Complex 
  • Player Development Models
  • College recruiting assistance 
  • Professional coaches 

Organization development model 


  • Skill development 
  • Athletic development 
  • Leadership development 
  • Game awareness/IQ
  • Mental conditioning 

OrganizationAL Player Expectations

  • Laser sharp focus
  • High compete levels
  • Coachability 
  • Stick-to-itiveness
  • Ability to respond

Organizational Parent expectations 

  • Silent source of encouragement
  • Support system 
  • Willingness to let your son fail 

OrganizationAL Coach Expectations

  • Build trust and respect
  • Instill values develop through systems
  • Inspire and Instruct
  • Transform players into leaders 
  • Always be learning