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College Recruiting Round Table Very Educational

By Player Development Team, 06/28/21, 11:15PM EDT


Check out full round table on video at end of article

SCS had the pleasure of hosting a round table Q & A with 3 college coaches in our facility.  Topics covered were recruiting and development at the collegiate level.  The session was open to parents and players on our high school teams.  Thank you to the coaches who came out to help educate our families and players.  


A couple key points that were covered:  (click below to watch full video)


  1. 1.  Weight Room and Long Toss-  players have shifted to weighted balls these days in hopes of adding velocity.  Injuries are on the rise and all three coaches agreed that the weight room and long toss should be first priority here when it comes to developing.  


  1. 2.  Create a List, Research Schools and Personalize Emails-  All players should create a list of 15-20 schools based off their interests and needs.  From there we can begin to research schools and send emails that will mean something to a coach.  Avoid mass communication and make sure you have the correct school associated with that coach.  


  1.  3.  Game Video- Get clips of in game footage and send out.  This shows more facets of the game than anything we can collect in a practice or showcase setting.  


4.  Showcases-  Do not go to showcases just to see what sticks.  You are wasting your time and money.  Prospect camps based around your list can be so much more beneficial and personal to your son’s experience.  


5.  Coaches do not care about your record, batting average or ERA.  Do you pass the eye test?  Once you do, your character, how you deal with failure and leadership skills become the most important qualities in recruiting.