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SCS Implements Neglected Vision Training

By Steel City Select, 11/30/20, 10:45AM EST


Steel City Select is very driven to educate and train athletes in all areas of the game including skill development, athletic development, leadership and the mental game.  We have now added vision training to that list of key development categories.   Coach Diesel stated, "It is very neglected and overlooked in the training process but such a critical piece of the game at higher levels.  

The entire upstairs at our facility is now dedicated to vision training, the mental game and visualization.  With the recent add of WIN Reality, we now have the capabilities to train our athletes to prepare for this game at very competitive levels.  Coach Diesel also mentioned the impact that WIN Reality will have on players.   "Players lack live at bats and pitch cataloging  the most in winter months.  Our goal is to provide that while implementing visualization and improving vision training tools."  Players will begin hitting sessions by warming up with Hart Chart training and Brock String training!